• Workover  

    To improve the proper functionality of a wellbore, regular maintenance work has to be realised. "Workover" is defined as the removal of sand bridges or scale to boost the production rate or the removal of restrictions to renewal the practicability. 


    Components placed purposefully within the oil string are not always easy to release because corresponding release mechanisms do not always work perfectly. For this, we offer various applications to catch components placed purposefully and move them above ground. In addition, we can catch and expose tools lost in the borehole using our special fishing tools.
    Fields of application:
    • GS Catcher (within the section)
    • JDC Catcher (beyond the section)
    • Overshot (catched lost tools)
    • Internal Fishing Tools
    Milling and Cleaning Assembly
    Milling is drilling or milling off within the oil string. Depending on the application, we free the tubing of unwanted foreign bodies. A wide variety of applications are possible here.
    Ground dressing surfaces clean honed polished bore receptacles without damaging seal surfaces
    Drill-pipe connections on all components for maximum performance
    Casing Clean-Up Tools
    Casing clean-up tools are used in order to clear the casings of any undesired contamination that may arise from oils, gases, or metallic and geological exposures from the ground. Whether non-rotating or rotating, depending on your needs, we offer the appropriate cleaning equipment.
    • Scraper
    • Brushes
    • Magnets
    • Junk Basket 
    Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainer
    Our range of products includes permanent bridge plugs and cement retainers as well as retrievable and wireline and tubing sets. 
    • Permanent
    • Retrievable
    • Wireline set
    • Tubing set 
    Design and Cutter Manufacturing
    90% of the tools are built in-house. In doing so, we work hand-in-hand from the design stage through to acceptance in order to achieve the quality for which we are renowned, and which meets our high standards. We build our drilling bits exclusively in our in-house welding shop.

    • Junkmills covered with Crash Carbide
    • Stepmills covered with Widia small plates in different sizes
    • Blade Mills (Flügelmeißel) with three or five blades with Widia
    • Turbo Mills covered with different Widia small plates