• In the August edition of Oilfield Technology, we contributed information on advances in rig equipment and technology to the Rig Design Q&A feature. In four sections, our product line leaders for each product/technology discuss the importance of what we’re doing and how our advances benefit our customers.

    Robert Goodwin explores our new top drive upgrade, the TDS-11SAE, which enhances existing top drives to meet the land market’s need for more power and torque. Richard Verhoef examines the role of power systems equipment on offshore installations and how our PowerBlade kinetic energy recovery system is changing the game for power generation and storage. Vinesh Rambally discusses our NOVOS™ reflexive drilling system, a drilling process automation platform that makes optimized results scalable across rig fleets. And finally, Olav Fivelstad details our new multi-speed traveling block, which introduces a variable transmission ratio to the hoisting system to decrease its cost and drive a reduction in machine size and power requirements.

    Find out more about each of the products and technologies mentioned above in our feature article.  

    Published Date: 2018-08-29
    Source: National Oilwell Varco