• Background

    A major operator in North America was having frequent unplanned well issues due to rod, tubing, and pump failures. This required the well to be shut down and serviced every few months. The operator wanted a solution for treating the well and chose to replace the sucker rods with coiled tubing.


    Utilizing the ability to flush inhibitors through the hollow coiled tubing rod string, the operator implemented a quarterly preventative maintenance program circulating chemical treatments all the way to the top of the pump. The highly-effective coiled tubing conveyance system was able to remove solids and other problematic debris in the well.


    As a result of installing CTRS, the operator significantly reduced downtime and associated workover costs, ultimately realizing over 40 months of uninterrupted production. In addition to eliminating paraffin and sand issues, the operator provided 100% corrosion inhibitor coverage of the coiled tubing string and production tubing ID.


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