• Background

    From June 25 through July 20, 2013, a customer’s spar was located in the Gulf of Mexico. The customer was in need of a motion compensation solution during hydraulic workover (HWO) well intervention operations with capabilities that accounted for high and low tide cycle variations. This solution also needed to enable a safe working platform during inclement weather constraints while assisting dry tree buoyancy can compensation and weight capacity limitations. 

    The operator had three wells to intervene, requiring this solution to be able to be transfered from well to well quickly and safely. Communication observed between the tubing, casing and riser due to corrosion presented a situation where the HWO tubing needed repair.


    Devin, a part of Intervention and Stimulation Equipment Business Unit, was selected to provide the needed products and services to the customer for this project. Our team was able to safely assist with the successful installation of three recompletion strings using packers to isolate communication and return wells to production. A N2 compensation structure was provided to account for all tidal movements, as well as inclement weather constraints, ensuring the HWO unit maintained relativity to the seafloor.

    We were also able to minimize the weight of added intervention equipment and completion string that ran in the existing completion and the can/tensioner system. This provided redundant safety measures in the event of a can failure and during normal well intervention operations. In addition, the entire Motion Buster was able to be transferred from well to well in a safer and time efficient manner. Devin products and services provided included: Motion Buster system, skidding system and qualified compensation specialists and technicians.


    • Reduced conventional rig RU/MOB times by 92%
    • Cost savings of 37.5% vs. conventional rig cost
    • Increased facility daily production rate by 7,000 BBLs
    • Motion Buster provided mishap free troubleshooting window during temporary can/tensioner failure becoming primary means of support for entire SPAR A4 tensioner system, dry tree and completion design protecting the A4 well asset value
    • Skidding package afforded safe and cost effective means to transfer compensating intervention tower from well to well, reducing RU/RD time by 36 hours

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