• Background

    From August 25, 2010 through June 30, 2011, a customer located in the Gulf of Mexico was in need of a compensation solution in order to perform coiled tubing and wireline subsea plug and abandon (P&A) operations. Separate from vessel crane and moonpool, this solution needed to enable independent means of well intervention, afford deployment and retrieval capabilities of 2 ⅞" landing string, tools, subsea umbilicals and provide surface support for diver assistance in support of coiled tubing and wireline operations.


    Devin, a part of Intervention and Stimulation Equipment Business Unit, was selected to provide the needed products and services for this project. Our team was able to successfully compensate for slickline and e-line riserless subsea operations in nearly 300 fsw utilizing the DevinTM Inline Motion Eliminator (DIME) systems. This solution accounted for tidal variations, inclement weather, surface winds and 12' swells by ensuring downhole precision tool placement. The DIME provided primary means of compensation and independent well intervention support for subsea coiled tubing operations by ensuring that the injector head and well control stack-up maintained relativity to the seafloor.

    Simultaneous operating capabilities were afforded by allowing the crane to work independently for added diver assistance and day-to-day logistical support. Devin products and services provided included: Cantilevered A-frame well intervention tower, N2 & N2/Hyd DIME Systems, truss stabilization and coiled tubing injector head pitch-n-roll guidance systems and qualified compensation specialists/technicians.


    • Saved spread cost of ~$300,000 each day simultaneous operations were performed
    • Cost savings of 38% vs. semi-submersible options and up to 78% vs. drill ship options
    • Successfully completed plug and abandoned operations on nine subsea wells
    • Increased weather working window each time winds exceeded 30 mph due to crane boom limitations

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